reapair all mySQL/mariaDB databases

mysqlcheck --repair --all-databases -u root -p<PASSWORD>
while dumping database if you see following error/warning than you have to repair broken tables/rows
Sample Output
hepsihaber.wp_commentmeta                          OK
hepsihaber.wp_comments                             OK
hepsihaber.wp_frm_fields                           OK
hepsihaber.wp_frm_forms                            OK
hepsihaber.wp_frm_item_metas                       OK
hepsihaber.wp_frm_items                            OK
hepsihaber.wp_hmwp_ms_intrusions                   OK
hepsihaber.wp_links                                OK
info     : Wrong aligned block at 54
info     : Delete link points outside datafile at 54
info     : Found row block followed by deleted block
warning  : Number of rows changed from 209 to 207

By: aysadk
2020-10-30 11:52:20

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